Heater Power Regulator

Digital Type(SPR-D Series)

B. Features 

1. Unparalleled application Flexibility with digital technology       
    Field configurable phase-angle or zero-crossing or mixed-
    firing(phase angle+zero-crossing) for improved application
    flexibility on site. Adjustable soft start for application flexibility.
2. Heater and control diagnostics capabilities
     Monitor actual heater and control performance and help eliminate
     initial start up problems
    Zero-crossing mode generates minimal harmonics, and virtually eliminate
     the possibility of interference with other electronic equipment.
4. Saving power rate, because of non-ineffective power
    Zero-crossing mode can save 10~15% of power rate, because does not
    generate ineffective power during controlling heater.
5. Multi function
    Over-load detecting, Heat sink over-temperature detecting
    Fuse-SCR-load fault detecting, Load initial conditions detecting
6. Serial communication with RS-232
     Remote control setup,computer control and monitoring of load status.
C. Key & Display


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